Republish Our Content At No Cost


What content can I republish?

Epic Health Research Network encourages all health systems, public health organizations, and others to reference the site’s content at no cost.

And it’s really free?


I have a question that isn’t answered on this page. What should I do?

We’ve got the answer, probably. Please email or use this form.

Republishing Content

What are your requirements?

When EHRN content is used, please reference “Epic Health Research Network” as the source and link to

How do I cite EHRN?

“Title of web page or article.” Epic Health Research Network. (Date of publication). Retrieved from: URL of page.

Can I alter or edit stories?

Yes. With EHRN permission, you can make changes such as localizing the content for your area, using a different headline or shortening story text. Contact us to ensure your edits are OK.

How do I know if content cannot be republished?

If a story is labeled “All Rights Reserved,” EHRN cannot grant permission to republish that item.

Can EHRN material appear on pages with ads?

Yes, it’s fine to use our material in a print or online page with advertising. Please be thoughtful. We don’t want ads to appear next to our material that readers could reasonably construe as endorsed by us or related to our work.

Can EHRN material be used to create advertising?

No, it cannot.

Can EHRN material be used in commercial products? Can it be used in conference presentations and academic text books?

Please check with EHRN.

Republishing Data Visualizations & Illustrations

Can I use EHRN data visualizations or graphics?

In most cases, yes. We can provide images. Contact us with requests.

What are the requirements for republishing data visualizations?

When using our images, you will be asked to:

  • Maintain correct caption information.
  • Credit “Epic Health Research Network” in the caption.
  • Avoid digitally altering images.

Can I use your data visualizations in commercial advertisements or promotions?


Getting Our Content And Assets

Can I use your logo on republished stories?

Please do. Download a high-resolution .png file here.

Do we have to alert EHRN when content is republished?

No, but we’d love it if you did. Please email or use this form.