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NYU Langone Scientists Track Evolution of Virus

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NYU Langone researchers are using the gene codes from COVID-19 samples to track the pandemic’s spread. This map uses color to represent countries, circle size to show the number of infections, and lines to illustrate transmission. (Photo courtesy of

Researchers at NYU Langone have sequenced the genetic code of samples from 91 COVID-19 patients in New York City, seeking clues to its origin and evolution in this region.

Early data suggest that the virus has been spreading in the city for two months, before testing started. The findings also indicate the New York City outbreak is mostly from a virus “version” that evolved in Europe.

Read more about the details of the work, and the possible implications for both treatment and public health response, from NYU Langone.

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NYU Langone Scientists Track Evolution of Coronavirus in New York City

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