Epic Health Research Network


A publication of EHRN, a public benefit company owned by Epic Systems Corporation

EHRN is a journal for the 21st century, designed for rapid sharing of knowledge with researchers, healthcare professionals, and learners to help solve medical problems.

Electronic health record data collected over decades, spanning millions of patients, could provide clues to help solve medical problems.

Healthcare research needs to move faster, especially in times of public health crisis. In light of this need, we make this information available with internal peer review, but without third-party peer review. It’s important that good data be available sooner, rather than perfect data be available too late.

EHRN is where you’ll find our reports. We invite others to contribute as well, from health systems and higher learning institutions to government agencies.

Our goal is for EHRN to light the way for fast, collaborative research.

Contact info@ehrn.org if you have any questions.


Adam Helgren Alejandro Muñoz del Río, PhD Amanda Byers Amy Breden, MIDS Amy Kilkus Andrea Noel, MD Andrew Averill Angela DiRocco Aris Blevins Ben Diehl, PhD Brad Fox, MD Brandy Li Brian Olson Bryce Woyak Carl Dvorak Carlie Abraham Chris Mast, MD Chris Young Christine Kopanon Christopher Alban, MD Clare Kassa Dan Gruett Dana Demsky

Dave Fuhrmann Dave Little, MD David Berry, PhD David Hoyt David Moe Doug Winesett, MD Elliot First Emily Yu Eric Barkley Eric Lindgren Ericka Muesse Gina Nappi Gwen Murphy Hannah Greene Heidi Williamson Howard Bregman, MD Hunter McDaniel Hunter Webber Ian Givens J.J. Jafolla Jackie Gerhart, MD James Hickman Jeff Trinkl, MD

Jennifer Lewis Jim DuRocher Joel Sievert Joe Zillmer John Komenda, PharmD Judy Faulkner Justin Lo, PhD Justin Quigley Kandyce Henson Kelsey Strock, MPH Ken Chang, JD Kevin Kiefert Kieran Gallagher, MPH Lauren Franklin Lily Rubin-Miller, MPH Linda Galang Maddie Sokal Mark LeBay Melissa Gaisser Mike Warner Monica Bussman Nancy Smider, PhD Nick Rauenbuehler

Nidhi Sripada Nissa Romanowski Owen Sizemore, PhD Paul Nagel Peg Horner Phil Lindemann Rahul Shah Rob Napora Sam Adams Sam Butler, MD Sam Krueger Sam Taylor Scott McMahan Sean Sullivan, MPH Shawn Kiesau Stephen Dove Steve Allen, MD Steve Honeywell, PhD Todd Walowit Tyler Heist, PhD Vasiliki Volkova Zach Cohen Zach Rawson


info@ehrn.org (608) 271-9000 1979 Milky Way, Verona, WI 53593